Alpine Brewing Company, Oroville, WA. Fine German-Style Beers.

These are our year-round beers

Alpine Amber Lager a classic Bavarian ¡°Märzen¡± with a rich malty aroma. This amber-colored and full-flavored lager beer is brewed from a classic recipe. A conditioning time of 6 to 8 weeks guarantees the exceptional balance, smoothness and full body typical of true German beers.

Alpine Bohemian Pilsner a golden colored, full bodied example of this popular beer. A very slight maltiness is balanced with a generous dose of noble hops, which gives this beer a wonderful hoppy aroma without making it too bitter. Extremely ¡°s¨¹ffig¡± (quaffable).

Alpine Hefeweizen

These are our seasonals

Oktoberfest our fall seasonal. We brew this beer to celebrate Munich¡¯s fifth season, the Oktoberfest season. Slightly stronger than our Munich Märzen, a little less malty, but the same smoothness and full body. Even more ¡°s¨¹ffig¡±(quaffable).

Weizenbock our spring seasonal. The golden color of this beer indicates a full-bodied beer with a velvety smooth taste which accentuates its malty character. This delicate flavor is in harmony with the fruity, estery, banana-clove flavor one expects from Weizenbeers fermented with an original Bavarian yeast strain. Imported aroma hops provide a delicate, subdued balance to the natural sweetness of the malts.